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The Raceway


You may have seen this raceway in its previous life prior to March 2007, but we can assure you it is not the same race experience. It may look similar, but it has been thoroughly refurbished with the scenery cleaned and tidied up, the track bed totally replaced and the wiring for track timing completely changed to assure a neat, clean and exciting appearance and absolute driver satisfaction and accurate race results. Cameras are strategically placed throughout the raceway to transmit race footage to our billboard TV at each and every event. Track surrounds are branded appropriately for each and every event! Rest assured, this is now a "TrackMasters Racing" track through and through!


  • The largest mobile slot car raceway in Australia!

  • The raceway is built on a boat trailer which measure 7.2 x 2.2 metres! Our new removable drawbar reduces the size of the rig to 5.5 x 2.2 metres ensuring we can fit into tighter spots!

  • The track itself is approximately 10.8 metres in length and has 4 race lanes .
  • The track has 2 separate lap timing devices so accurate times can be measured despite the weather or light conditions.

  • Compterised race results ensure accurate records are kept for all events.

  • We can get any type of car you like for your event including V8 supercars, Indy, F1, Nascar, Rally and US Muscle Cars.

Please note: we require shelter from the sun and/or rain and clear access to the site of at least 2.5 metres width.









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